Wing Nut Productions is a video production company that specializes in digital video post production work. We create : video marketing materials, public service announcements, music videos, educational videos, events promos, documentaries, youth video productions, television shows, as well as one of a kind signature video pieces for artists.

Wing Nut Productions now represents : The Wallpaper Project, Spentzal Mas Productions, Clearly Titan Videos, and video works by Michael James Folliett.

The Wallpaper Project is a ongoing public access TV show that showcases New-Media and Multimedia Collaborations by independent media artists.
Spentzal Mas Productions is a older pseudonym of WNP originally formed in the mid 1990's a abstract independent video artists production group. Clearly Titan Videos is closely related to the efforts of Spentzal Mas Productions.

In the folders below you will find more than 50 video projects.

Michael James Folliett is responsible for bringing each of these productions to fruition.



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